Today's economic life is witnessing a great transformation due to megatrends including new product and service models developing in the industrial field, changes in consumption behaviors and quality of life expectations of future generations, the fight against climate change and the increase in urban population. This process has brought social, economic and environmental risks to the forefront, which are briefly considered as sustainability factors within the risk perception dimensions.

Companies also understand the importance of sustainability factors for today's and future successes and concentrate on the activities carried out in this field. For example, 85% of the companies in the 2017 S&P 500 list, as well as the majority of companies listed in the Borsa Istanbul 100 index, work to achieve sustainability factors and present their results to investors and other stakeholders through sustainability reports.

In the light of these developments, Anadolu Sigorta continues to work on Sustainability Management in order to ensure that the sustainability factors are considered as a whole both in the company administration and in the product and service processes and in order to effectively manage the risks and opportunities associated with these factors. Our main objective with this study is to meet the needs of today's generations without jeopardizing the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs.

Within the scope of the study, we first set our sustainability priorities together with company managers from different business units. In the current phase of the project, we have consolidated our existing activities under the umbrella of sustainability and we shape our new activities in the light of the strategies we have identified.

We have published the following documents in order to define the strategic approach of the company on sustainability issues, guide the relevant dimensions of the company's activities, product and service processes and inform the relevant stakeholders in this direction:

Stakeholder engagement, transparency and accountability are the most important values that we highlight in our sustainability efforts. Accordingly, we prioritize the expectations and opinions of our stakeholders while designing our sustainability activities.

The biggest multiplier effect in increasing the success in the field of sustainability is the spread of this view throughout the entire ecosystem created by Anadolu Sigorta. We are moving towards sustainability with all our employees, agencies, suppliers and business partners and we welcome all your comments and suggestions to

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