As a privately-owned insurance company, Anadolu Insurance Company has played an important role in the development of the insurance industry in Turkey

As a privately-owned insurance company, Anadolu Insurance Company has played an important role in the development of the insurance industry in Turkey and in the modernization of the country’s socioeconomic environment in parallel with that development ever since it was founded.

As part of the "Recon Project" that it launched in 1997, the company has brought all of its agencies into its data processing network through an online and real-time system. Through the benefits of information technology, it has raised the quality of its services to modern-day levels.

Down through the years, Anadolu Insurance Company’s unchanging principle of paying claims immediately and in full has been a source of confidence for our country’s people.

Backed today by a strong capital base and advanced infrastructure, Anadolu Insurance Company takes a pioneering approach to insurance that is focused on customer satisfaction through its principle of “Never Lose” while seeking to encourage the spread of insurance awareness throughout Turkey.

Our Service Network

Anadolu Insurance Company operates in the non-life brances (Fire, Marine, Accident, Engineering, Agriculture, Legal Protection, Personal Accident, Health and Credit) and has 2.500 agencies in Turkey.

Our Bank Branch Agencıes

All branches of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. are also the agencies of our Company.

Other banks which are agencies of our Company;

  • Türk Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş.
  • Arap Türk Bankası A.Ş.
  • Alternatifbank A.Ş.
  • Al Baraka Turk Katılım Bankası A.Ş.
  • Finansbank A.Ş.

Our Corporate Values

A Company Entrenched in History

  • Anadolu Insurance Company was founded in accordance with the instructions given by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • It is Turkey's first national insurance company.
  • It has a powerful corporate structure built on its knowledge of insurance accumulated through the years.


  • Pioneer in creating product;
  • Pioneer in service;
  • Pioneer in technology;
  • With its self- renewing ability preserves its pioneering position;
  • It plays a pioneering role in social responsibility.


  • It has ethical merits ;
  • It fulfills its promises definitely;
  • It inheres in transparency as principle;
  • It never abandons human values.

Powerful Structure

  • It has a stable financial power;
  • It has an extended and efficient service network;
  • It has a sophisticated and high qualified human source;
  • It gains power from the synergy created by İşbank.

Our Quality Policy

Anadolu Insurance Company is active in the business of insurance and reinsurance in non-life branches.

The determining elements of its quality of service in these lines of business are know-how, experience, integrity, transparency, strong capital structure, established history, technological infrastructure, and familiarity with the legal framework. With its expert and experienced staff, solid financial basis and high-tech infrastructure, dynamic approach towards continuous development and improvement, and extensive network of expert agents, Anadolu Insurance Company is committed to offering only high-quality products and services and to ensuring their sustainability.

Through an extensive network of expert agencies Anadolu Insurance Company aims to inform the customers and create awareness on various insurance aspects, identify their needs correctly and completely, and offer the particular product and services that will satisfy the demand, and provide quick and full compensation of losses. In line with a customer-focused approach, our company’s personnel and agencies constantly endeavor to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. Anadolu Sigorta applies process approach and risk-based thinking in its activities.

To ensure sustainability in quality, boosting efficiency and productivity, each Anadolu Insurance Company employee is committed to operate the cycle of continuous improvement via corrective and improving actions, internal audits, benchmarking and idea development applications derived from feedbacks from our customers, our agencies and other channels as well as their own personal opinions.

Anadolu Insurance Company’s senior management provides all the support and resources necessary to ensure the continuity and improvement of the company’s quality management system, which is founded upon its determined scope.

Our Quality Certification

Leading the sector with its customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and development focused approach since its foundation on April 1, 1925, Anadolu Insurance Company has first been entitled to receive ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification in 2004, then renewed its Quality Management System certification in accordance with the new version ISO 9001:2008 standards in June 2010. Not a single non-conformity has been noted by the external audits carried out on regular basis since 2004 and the continuity of the Quality Management System certification has been ensured.

Entitling itself with a mission to provide customer focused services and extending awareness in insurance, Anadolu Insurance Company keeps its track in raising awareness in quality and glamourizing it.

Our Certificate Of Trademark Registration

Republıc of Turkey

Turkish Patent Instıtute

Certificate of Trademark Registratıon

Trademark number 2005 04779 – Services
Trademark owner Anadolu Insurance Company 4. Levent, İstanbul Republic of Turkey 36
Principal business activity: Accident, life, fire, health, marine insurance, motor, personal accident, legal protection, theft, engineering, agriculture, cargo, liability insurance services, insurance research services,life insurance statistical services (actuarial services), disseminating information about insurance services, reinsurance services, fronting services.

This trademark is registered for a period of ten years beginning on the date of 17 February 2005 pursuant to Order-in-Council 556 concerning the Protection of Trademarks.

Kutay Kumbasar
For the Institute President
Head of Trademarks Department

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our vision

To make Anadolu Insurance Company the insurance brand preferred by everyone who needs insurance.

To achieve a strength that makes it a reference point in the worldwide insurance industry as well.

Our mission

In keeping with the deeply-rooted, pioneering, honest, and solid corporate values of Anadolu Insurance Company to:

  • Lead the sector,
  • Help create a broad public awareness of insurance in Turkey,
  • Implement a customer-focused approach to service,
  • Increase our financial strength to international standards,
  • Enhance the value of our Company.