Anadolu Insurance Company was founded on April 1 at the initiative of Atatürk and under the leadership of İşbank, Turkey's first national bank.



Being the leader of national insurance since the onset of the Turkish Republic, Anadolu Insurance Company celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Blue Insurance' policies marking the introduction of comprehensive insurance system in Turkey and offering 17 types of cover were put on sale for the first time.


Highly acclaimed in by the public and the sector, 'Insurance of the Future', the most comprehensive life policy ever offered in Turkey, was introduced.



Representing a new branch in the Turkish insurance business, 'Electronic Equipment Insurance' was first started by Anadolu Insurance Company.


Activities commenced in the agriculture insurance branch.


The life branch was transferred to Anadolu Life Insurance Company, a newly-formed life insurer as required by law.


Extending administrative and technical assistance to Günay Anadolu Insurance Company founded and started to operate in Azerbaijan, Anadolu Insurance Company became the first Turkish insurance company to set up an international operation.


Isbank then General Manager Burhan Karagöz, Chairman of Anadolu Sigorta Salih Erden, and General Manager of Anadolu Sigorta Bedii Tümer.


Policies in legal protection insurance branch, another first in our country, were written.


Aiming to make the most of the possibilities offered by IT, a 'Recon Project' was launched. Services were made more efficient and productive with the inclusion of all services and agencies in the data processing network with online and real-time systems.


In order to provide the fastest and most comprehensive service to its policyholders in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake of 17 August, the Company worked round the clock to provide uninterrupted service.


After providing service for over five decades, the Company was relocated from its building in Karaköy to İş Towers, here it would be together with İşbank subsidiaries.


Anadolu Sigorta's Headquarters Is Kuleler Kule-2


A brand-new era begins with the 'Maximum Service in Insurance' concept. The Company introduces the service philosophy under one title that it has possessed since its foundation, and again becomes the author of a first in the sector.


Voted as 'the most satisfactory insurance company with its products and services', Anadolu Insurance Company received the Active Academy Private Customer Satisfaction Award in Insurance. The Company expanded its service range by taking over the health branch from Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, which the law required that company to give up. Anadolu Insurance Company was awarded its ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification, an endorsement proving that the company's quality management system complies with international standards.


Holding its sectoral leadership, Anadolu Insurance Company became the author of a major achievement by displayıing superior performance for four years ina arow. Once again Anadolu Insurance Company received the Active Academy Private Customer Satisfaction Award in Insurance.


Maintained its sectoral leadership in premium production for the fifth consecutive year and realized a premium production in excess of YTL 1 billion, undersigning yet another historic result in the history of the Turkish insurance industry.


The sector’s unrelenting champion in premium production for the last six years, Anadolu Insurance Company became in 2007 the first insurance company in Turkey to exceed the USD 1 billion threshold in total premium production.


Anadolu Insurance Company launched the C2C (Closer to Customer) project whereby all business processes are reviewed and revised. While the Company increased its profitability through sustainable growth strategy, it also received Active Academy Retail Customer Satisfaction in Insurance award for the fifth consecutive time.



The Company celebrated its 85th anniversary.Planned within the frame of the C2C change program, the first set of changes was put into life. The Companylaunched its new social responsibility project, “Bir Usta Bin Usta” (From One Master to One Thousand), thus contributing to revitalize vanishing professions in Anatolia.


The Company moved its headquarters to Kavacık and continued to offer its services at this modern compound


Anadolu Sigorta's new headquarters at Kavacık.


While celebrating its 90th anniversary, the company launched its revamped website.


Total premium production hit TL 4.7 billion. Anadolu Sigorta doubled its net profit for the period to TL 184 million while posting an RoE of 11.2%.

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