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Marine insurance policies cover a wide range of marines risks from cargo risks to marine liability risks. There are four main types of coverage;

Total loss

Destruction of cargo and the transport vehicle (vessel, truck etc.) to the extent that nothing of value is left, and the cargo cannot be repaired or rebuilt to its pre-destruction state.

Institute Cargo Clauses C
It covers named perils as fire, explosion, general average, jettison, grounding of vessel, overturning or derailment of land conveyance etc.
All Risk

"Institute Cargo Clauses A"

It covers all risks except the exclusions as stated in the relevant clauses. Some of the exclusions are as below;


  • Loss damage or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter insured
  • Ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear of the subject-matter insured
  • Loss damage or expense caused by insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the subject-matter insured
  • Loss damage or expense proximately caused by delay, even though the delay be caused by a risk insured against
  • Loss damage or expense arising from the use of any weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter.
  • Loss damage or expense attributable to willful misconduct of the Assured
  • War, civil war, strike, terror, riots etc…

Hull & Machinery Insurance

This insurance covers loss of or damage to the vessels or other sea-and lake-going vessels or other related insurable benefits under the terms and conditions and during the period of time stated in the policy. General perils covered by the policy:

  • Perils of the sea rivers lakes or other navigable waters
  • Fire, explosion, violent theft by persons from outside the vessel, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
  • Contact with land conveyance, dock or harbor equipment or installation and contact with aircraft, helicopters or similar objects, or objects falling there from
  • Jettison
  • Negligence of Master Crew or Pilots
Hull War & Strikes Insurance

This insurance mainly covers loss of or damage to the vessel caused by warlike actions. Main perils covered by this insurance are;

  • War, civil ar, revlution, rebellion etc.
  • Capture, seizure, arrest etc.
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Riots, civil commotions
  • Confiscation
Loss Of Hire Insurance

This insurance covers the the loss of earnings or hire of the vessel caused by a peril covered in the hull&machinery policy.

Builders’ Risks Insurance

This insurance covers the risks during building of the vessel. The main risks covered by this insurance are:

  • Production risks before bringing the ship into dock
  • Risks that may occur during christening and construction
  • Risks in launching
  • Risks in delivery to the owner and in trial trips
Yacht Insurance

This insurance covers loss of or damage to commercially or privately used pleasure crafts under the terms and condition of the Institute Yacht Clauses. The main risks :

  • Perils of the sea (collision, grounding, capsizing, storm etc)
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption
  • Physical contact with air vehicles
  • Theft of yacht, boat services , machinery or equipment by force
  • Debris removal costs

Loss of life and property of third parties resulted by an accident caused by the yacht.

Fishing Vessel Insurance

This insurance covers loss or damage to fishing boats which are longer the 2.5 meters and commercially used for fishing.

Cmr Policies

Within the framework of C.M.R convention and the conditions, terms, limits, exemptions and exclusions stipulated in the insurance contract, this policy covers the liabilities of the transporters.

Inland Road Carrier's Liability Policy

This insurance covers legal liabilities of inland transporters during transportation of their customers’ goods.

Freight Forwarders’ Liability (FFL) Policy

This insurance covers legal liabilities of freight forwarders' for loss of or damage to goods in transit, liabilities arising from errors&omissions and also covers fines &duties to the extent stated in the insurance policy.

Bailies’ Legal Liability Policy

This insurance covers bailies' liabilities for loss of or damage to the property of others arising from movement of cargo within warehouse.

Marina Operators' Legal Liability Insurance

This insurance covers legal liability of the insured for loss of or damage to the vessels or their motors, the property of others while their care or custody or control for any of the operations listed below:

  • Repair, alterations or maintenance;
  • Storage;
  • Mooring at slips, spaces or buoys rented by the Insured;
  • Hauling out or launching not in connection with operation A. or B;
  • Fuelling and miscellaneous servicing of a transient nature.
Port Authority Liability Insurance

This insurance shall pay on behalf of the Assured such sums for which the Assured shall become legally liable arising out of the Assured’s activities as a port authority, port operator or harbour board at the insured location(s).

Shiprepairers'Liability Insurance

This insurance indemnifies the Assured for all sums which the Assured shall become liable to pay by reason of the legal liability of the Assured as shiprepairers for loss of or damage to any vessel or craft which is in the care, custody or control of the Assured for the purpose of being worked upon, loss of or damage to other vessel or craft, loss of or damage to cargo or other things on or discharged from vessels, loss of or damage to machinery or equipment of any vessel or craft, whilst such machinery or equipment is removed from such vessel or craft and is in the care, custody or control of the Assured for the purpose of being worked upon, removal of wreck, loss of or damage to third party property.

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