Anadolu Sigorta was granted an award in Finance, Insurance and Other Financial Services category in 2018 Services Export Award Ceremony organized by Services Exporters’ Association which rewards companies and institutions that contribute to sustainable development of Turkey.

52 institutions which contribute to sustainable development of Turkish economy with their export figures received their rewards in this ceremony. Awards of the winners of 17 categories and HIB Special Award were presented by President Erdoğan.

Anadolu Sigorta was granted a prize in ’’Finance, Insurance and Other Financial Services’’ category for service exports realized in 2018 in the insurance sector.

Deputy Chief Executive Erdinç Gökalp drew attention to the increasing export potential of Turkey and stated that ’’At Anadolu Sigorta we work to provide contribution to this potential with our global service approach. This meaningful award which was presented to us by our President of the Republic has great significance as it demonstrates that we are on the right path‘‘.

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