Anadolu Sigorta expanded its total premium production by 4.2% year-on-year to TL 4,671 million and controlled an 11.8% share of the overall market among non-life companies. Anadolu Sigorta pursues its operations via nine regional branches across the nation and one branch in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The number of employees on the company’s payroll averaged 1,200 in 2017. Anadolu Sigorta registered its highest premium production in the motor vehicle liability with TL 1,342 million, followed by the motor vehicles branch with TL 953 million in 2017. Trailing these two branches, in order, were fire and natural disasters with TL 814 million, illness/health with TL 538 million, general losses with TL 414 million and general liability with TL 181 million. Turkey’s first national insurance company and the pioneer in the sector, Anadolu Sigorta will keep contributing to the advancement of the insurance business in Turkey in the light of its mission and vision, and further build on its solid position in the industry on the back of its powerful digital insurance initiative.

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