Anadolu Sigorta continuous to provide new practices to offer a happier work environment to the employees during the pandemic, while it maintains to give support to the employment and national economy. Developing human resources processes positively thanks to its strong digital infrastructure, innovative approach, and agile decisions, Anadolu Sigorta increase the number of employees from 1,352 to 1,403 in March 2020.

Filiz Tiryakioğlu, 1st Assistant General Manager at Anadolu Sigorta stated that their primary concern during a pandemic is to contribute to the self-development of their employees and underlined that online training duration is 35 thousand hours for the employees and 21 thousand hours for agency employees on average.

Tiryakioğlu stated that they have provided training to develop leadership skills and distant management competency of all executives in the ambiguous environment and said “26 talented individuals attended in Anadolu Sigorta family thanks to MT Young Talent Program that we carried out during pandemic. We are pursuing our interview processes to hire 54 new personnel in 20 different cities for our field sales team. We aim to add 20 new talents to our family without BT Young Talent Program that we have created for new graduates for the IT department. We give an opportunity of agency to young people who graduated or are about to graduate from insurance or related departments and to those who have experience in insurance but do not have an agency with Young Anadolu project that we have carried out to support the young people and create employment during the pandemic.

Digital thinking competency is more important now

Tiryakioğlu stated that digital thinking competency became more important for human resources during the pandemic and said “We took rapid actions as a follower of current developments and innovations with our agile work method in this period. In addition to our internal communication application called Biz Bize (Among Us) that we developed to maintain our communication with the employees, we have created short breaks and organized online events to spend joyful times together on special days such as April 23, new year, Women’s Day. We have provided an online travel experience to allow our employees to discover different geographies in Turkey and the world by meeting with professional guides on online platforms thanks to our travel application that we have offered to our employees during the travel restriction period. Besides, we have created spaces to allow our employees to gather information for self-development in different areas thanks to our webinar series where authorities and our employees have met. In addition to the investment we have made in our employees as Anadolu Sigorta, we are continuously carrying out new projects and practices for digitalization which became the most important criteria for sustainability and to survive in our age. We know that the future is here. Thanks to these practices, we meet the requirements of being a responsible company, while making life easier for our employees and insureds.”

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