Anadolu Sigorta announced its 85th year with a social responsibility project.

“One master- Thousand masters” project aims to revive the disappearing local crafts in Turkey.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the project aims to support local professions, to transfer the experiences of local craftsmen to younger generations, to create job opportunities for young people and to preserve the local values in the long run.

There are three parties involved in this project. The Ministry, NGO's and the company.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism provides technical assistance and coordinates the vocational courses in the selected cities. The NGOs prepare the content of the courses, choose attendees and give education. Anadolu Sigorta finances, communicates and coordinates the project.

The project is planned for a period of 10 years. Each year 5 cities and 5 new crafts are selected. 20 people attend the courses, in each city.

As a result, in ten years time 1000 new craftsmen who have been trained by the masters of local crafts will be presented to the community.

Selected cities and crafts in 2010:

  • Eskişehir : Meerschaum embroidery
  • Gaziantep : Kutnu weaving
  • Bursa : Karagöz depict
  • Trabzon : Kazaz craft
  • Edirne : Edirne work

Selected cities and crafts in 2011:

  • Çorum : Lance cloth weaving
  • Hatay : Silk weaving
  • Mardin : Stone-cutting
  • Sivas : Horn rake making
  • Van : Niello silver craftsman

Selected cities and crafts in 2012

  • Ankara : Mother of Pearl Inlaying
  • Kars : Kilim and Saddlebag Weaving
  • Muğla : Glass Blowing
  • Nevşehir : Pottery
  • Tokat : Hand Printed Scarfs

Selected cities and crafts in 2013:

  • Manisa / Gördes Weaving
  • Kahramanmaraş / Art of Wood Carving
  • Tekirdağ / Weaving of Karacakılavuz
  • Mersin / Namrun Lace Working
  • Rize / Wattling

Selected cities and crafts in 2014:

  • Çanakkale / Tile Working
  • Erzurum / Oltu Stone Working
  • Isparta / Art of Leather-Made Accesories
  • İzmir / Art of Felt-Made Accesories
  • Şanlıurfa / Amber Working

Selected cities and crafts in 2015:

  • Ardahan / Damal Doll Making
  • Aydın / Traditional Accordion Boot Making
  • Bartın / Traditional Silver Threading
  • İstanbul / Puppet Making
  • Zonguldak / Wooden Walking Cane Making of Devrek

Selected cities and crafts in 2016:

  • Kırklareli / Poyralı Weawing
  • Adana / Wood Carving
  • Konya / Art of Felting
  • Trabzon / Kemençe Making
  • İstanbul / Hot Glass Making