Our human resources policy

Our company is proud to be the first national insurance company in Turkey, established in 1925 at the directives of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Ever since its establishment, our company has continuously grown and developed and has been recognized and acknowledged as the grande école of the Turkish insurance industry.

The utmost importance is given to our employees as they are the ones that have the greatest duties in carrying out our company’s basic policies. For this reason, the primary goal of our human resources policies and practices is to identify our company’s needs for personnel in line with its objectives and strategies and assist the creation of human resources that are open to change and are focused on continuous success by recruiting high-quality people, motivating them, evaluating their performance, and encouraging interaction and communication among individuals and groups.

Career development

There are different career ways in accordance with job families in our company. Employees’ recruited from every job family and level career development rises to top level executive positions.

Our company’s human resources strategy is defined as; Organisational climate, highlighting creativity to achieve customer satifaction and innovation with composing superior performance culture supporting employees’ development. In direction of this strategy, employees completing education and development plan under the job families may rise to higher level after showing the mandatory performance and competence within the time specified in current level.

At the rising phase of specialist which is our all pemanent staffs mid point, employees choose to continue their career as manager or specialist by entering the rising exam acquiring different character up to job family or positions. Dual career ways are submitted to our employees as manager or specialist by the practice evaluating manager competency in the way of career. Right along with having the existing competence supporting personal development and in the direction of developing the career, education opportunities are provided to our employees who are a member of our team and joining us.

Performance management

Our employees are evaluated twice a year in line with specific performance criteria. On the basis of the results of these performance evaluations, an employee’s training needs are identified and a career plan is developed.

Job security

Our employees enjoy a substantial degree of job security within the framework of unionization.

Compensation policy

Our employees’ salaries are adjusted in accordance with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement that is renewed every other year and with annual raises based on current conditions. In addition to their salaries, employees also receive a large number of fringe benefits as well.

Social benefits

Our company’s employees take advantage of a variety of social rights and benefits in keeping with current conditions.

The healthcare costs of our employees and their dependant family members are covered by our company under its Health Assistance Regulations. All our personnel are able to fulfill all their healthcare needs free of charge through the company’s outsourced healthcare system.

Employees are provided with free transportation services to and from work and with lunches as well.

Retirement benefits

Our employees are covered by two private pension funds that have been set up in accordance with the company’s special status. The pensions paid by these funds enable former employees to enjoy a good standard of living during their retirement years.


Company employees required by their career plans accordance with the competency based training, technical and vocational training are organized. In addition, the company directors as an institution that trains its employees through its own resources in a seperate emphasis on education.

In this direction, orientation and vocational training given to employees when they start at work after the first, made plans for the development of managerial skills needed in support.”

Hiring Requirements

Personnel recruitments are made from the following sources:

  • Job application pool
  • Internet (Anadolu Sigorta website announcements)
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • HR consultancies, universities, etc.

The basic qualifications required of all candidates are indicated below.

  • Turkish citizenship.
  • Male candidates for employee positions must have completed their military service. Male candidates for internal auditor or specialist positions must have completed their military service or else have a deferment.
  • Educational background sufficient for the position.
  • Competencies sufficient for the position.
  • No compulsory service obligations towards any government office, agency, or organization.
  • No prior conviction and sentence to imprisonment for the commission of any shameful offense, including those that have been pardoned.
  • No mental or physical impairment that would prevent the performance of duties (except for those hired into disabled-person positions).

Note: The qualifications given above are general and are required of all candidates. Additional qualifications may be applicable depending on the specific position being recruited for.

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